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Vol. 2 Issue 6
Feb. 20, 2009

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Trend 4 Subcommittee works to find
balance in educational access, cost

Fourth in a series

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Finding the right balance in providing access to Slippery Rock University, including a student population representative of the region and Pennsylvania, are among the list of topics under discussion by the Trend 4 Subcommittee working on development of the University's new Strategic Plan.

Headed by Eliott Baker, executive director of the Office of Academic Records, Summer School and Graduate Studies, the 20-member committee plans to have its White Paper Report and recommendations completed by the end of spring semester.

"While it will be important to discuss ways in which we can improve access - admission - to the University, our primary goal will be to suggest ways in which we can improve ways we support our students so they can succeed and eventually graduate," Baker said.

He said the subcommittee, one of five, would not be working to micromanage either the University's Admissions Office or the University Advancement division in reaching its conclusions. "We want to develop strategies that provide access to SRU from all economic levels, and we want to maintain affordable costs to students," Baker said.

The subcommittee's work is part of a master plan set in motion by SRU President Robert Smith who has called for the University to develop a new strategic plan that provides guidance for the University through the year 2025. The plan is being based, in part, on the "7 Revolutions" outlined by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The revolutions are being used as guideposts in developing the overall University plan.

When all reports are submitted, work to blend them into a single, comprehensive plan will be undertaken. The end result will be a long-term strategic plan for the University.

The project was launched by Smith at his fall semester Academic Assembly. Smith's charge to the Trend 4 Subcommittee noted, "Access to higher education is the principal mechanism for making American's unwritten social compact work: to provide genuine equality of opportunity. Public funding is always a concern in higher education. Federal financial aid has undergone two major changes: shifting overwhelmingly toward loans, rising from about half to about three-quarters of all federal aid creating a negative effect on those of low- and middle-income because they fear heavy debt to pay for a college education. State financing of higher education continues to lag behind costs demanding strategies for cost containment. Public funding changes are shifting the social compact to more dependence on the individual's ability to pay risking affordability for a large segment of the population's access to higher education. How do we prepare our students to cope with these trends?"

Baker said his subcommittee would examine such issues as improving degree attainment by first-generation, low-income students. "Another major issue will be the affordability of SRU and how scholarships, both need and non-need based factor into the issue," he said.

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Trend 4
Committee Members

Eliott Baker, chairperson
executive director of Academic
Records, Summer School and
Graduate Studies
Amanda Yale
associate provost, enrollment services
Tom Flynn
professor, communication
Ruth Purcell
director, University Advancement
Tina Moser
assistant to the president, President's
Holly McCoy
assistant vice preisdent, diversity and
equal opportunity
Kathy Jack
executive staff assistant, University
Daniel McIntosh
associate professor, political science
Evette Currie
coordinator, student room
Lee Williams
professor, elementary education/early
Jessamine Montero
interim director, Academic Services
W. C. Vance
director, undergraduate admissions
Debra Wolf
associate professor, nursing
Olu Ijose
associate professor, School of
Alice Kaiser-Drobney
director, Institute for Community,
Service-learning and Nonprofit
Amy Bersett
assistant director, University
Nancy Cruikshank
director, Office of Grants and
Sponsored Research
Patricia Hladio
director, Office of Financial Aid
Richael Barger-Anderson
assistant professor, special education
William Boggs
professor, English

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